Subway LRT or Subway?

Friday 3rd December 2010.

I did not vote for Ford and was fearful of his agenda. However, the subways should have been the way to go in the first place. Therefore, I feel the work on LRT should be suspended until (a) it is shown that the contracts can be cancelled at minimal cost (b) that the contracts may be transferred to contractors to build subways instead of LRTs and (c) that subway construction start ASAP. The Government should transfer its committed $333 million to subways PLUS triple that for new construction.


I am in favour of subways for Toronto. Although they are more expensive to construct, they carry significantly more passengers more efficiently, they protect us from the weather, and, as a transit rider, I prefer a seamless ride from point to point and do not like having to get off the Subway and then on to the LRT to get to Town Centre. One train on the tracks is better. I also would not like to see Sheppard in the same state as St Clair Ave and be unable to cross Sheppard at the side streets. Streetcars work well in the downtown core, with the higher population density and almost continuous shopping, but outside of that subways are my choice. Thank you for asking. Regards Jo Ann

I ride the bus along Sheppard Avenue, a minimum of twice a day, 7 days a week, because yes, I use it on the weekends too. I have no alternate means of transportation to get to work, do my groceries, get to medical appointments.


When a driver doesn’t show up for work, or a bus goes out of commission, it is not replaced. They just double up on the next bus, sometimes until people are hanging over the farebox. Forget "Everybody behind the white line, please."

Toronto has needed additional transit infrastructure for many years, yet while politicians argue, and posture, and administrations change, funding is "committed," and then "uncommitted" the citizens of Toronto and further abroad are suffering from a lack of adequate transit.

Build subways. Build LRT. But please, build something, damn it. Move the people, because right now it is not adequately happening. The politicians are failing at this important task, and I am disgusted.

These are my municipal, provincial and federal tax dollars that are NOT being spent in my community, on this huge thing that directly affects my life.


That is my opinion.

Respectfully, Angela

To answer the first question: if we don’t get the LRT, the government should commit money to build a subway. The current situation is unacceptable, I think Toronto is behind many European cities (e.g. London, Paris, Stockholm), when it comes to subways and/or LRT. Buses get stuck in traffic jams, so buying more buses is not a good option. We need public transit on rails.

To answer the second question: we have to wait until we find out if mayor Ford manages to kill LRT. If he fails to do that, we should go ahead and build it. There are many successful LRT networks in the world (e.g. in Calgary, Portland-Oregon, Tvärbanan i Stockholm), so LRT may be a good compromise between a subway, which is expensive and doing nothing.

To summarize - a subway would be best, but maybe we can’t afford it, so in that case let’s go ahead with LRT.



I strongly feel that the Light Rail Transit work should continue and if need be, Federal Govt Funding should be sought to accomplish this project. We always stand by you to support you in your constituency.



As a simple-minded Scarborough resident, I presume the LRT means trains above-ground.

Without seeing any design plans, I personally prefer subway for the following two reasons:

1. It will provide "room" for development "above-ground" (e.g. parking, low-rise commercial building, etc.). Sheppard Avenue East is a 2-lane roadway. LRT will not only limit vehicular usage (which may worsen traffic congestion) but also reduce the possibility of any necessary development of the surrounding lands in the future.

2. Due to cold weather, the tracks are more susceptible to wear and tear and mechanical problems. A good example is the SRT.

The Sheppard Line is an expensive long-term investment. Everyone wants the money to be well spent. If the final decision can provide future development opportunities (work with private developers/sectors), apart from solving the traffic problem, it seems worth the while tolerating the huge pain of more commitment from the 3 levels of government. Since Toronto is a major city/financial core of Canada, the federal government is advisable to consider putting in more funds.

However, if all the experts/politicians still think that the LRT is a better choice, I personally would like it to continue because the congestion problem in Toronto has worsened. I work in downtown. It takes me about 3-4 hours (both ways) to commute. As compared to 2003 (when I first moved to Steeles/McNicoll and Warden from Shepaprd and McCowan), it currently takes approximately 10-15 minutes longer to get to work/home each way.

Thank you for seeking our opinion.



Does it make sense to loose $333 M just because Ford wants it that way. Where is he going to get the funding without the help from Fed. Govt.


If the contract does not go through in order to build the LRT, should the federal government commit more funds to build a subway?

— Yes. We need LRT.

Should the work on LRT continue under the present circumstances?

— Yes. We need job.


should the federal government commit more funds to build a subway? Yes.

Should the work on LRT continue under the present circumstances? No. Subway first.


I believe the LRT should go ahead but if the federal government choose not to then more money should be poured into building new subways, this will prepare us for the future, our city is expanding daily we do not need more cars and buses on our roads we need subways which are expensive yes, but are more eco-friendly for the diverse city we live in.

Thumbs up for subway....


The LRT is the best idea IF it is not of the same plan as St. Clair Ave. The St. Clair Ave. project just destroyed a wonderful street and clogged St. Clair with endless traffic jams and chaos. I do not want to see that happen along Sheppard. There is enough high traffic now on Sheppard Ave. and if we push cars into a narrow tight lane as per St. Clair it would not be a pretty sight. Local businesses would suffer just like they are now suffering along St. Clair Ave. I do not like to drive along St. Clair any longer. Prior to this dubious street car improvement, St. Clair was a delight to drive and shop. Today it is just plain chaotic and I avoid it at all cost.


If the LRT contract does not go through to build the LRT,the work should stop immediately.,definitely we should think about the subway is needed and the Fed.Government should of course to commit more funds for a new subway. This is my own opinion.

Thanks !


In my opinion, based on environmental and effiency views, I believe that the subway is better than LRT.



difficult to answer,a transit system is definitely required,the studies should indicate the best system for the area.I feel that LRT is more in line with internal short distance city movement .The safest way could be a subway .Yes, the Federal should help out with funding as it is a large project requiring municpal, Provincial and Federal funding.


If the contract does not go through in order to build the LRT, should the federal government commit more funds to build a subway?


Should the work on LRT continue under the present circumstances? NO--Mayor Ford will not fund it


If the contract does not go through in order to build the LRT, should the federal government commit more funds to build a subway?


Should the work on LRT continue under the present circumstances?



Supposing that a full and proper study was first done on the plan called "Transit City", then LRT is the way to go. If Mayor Ford cancels it (like canceling the new jet fighters) then huge penalties will be incurred, which will be borne by us taxpayers.

I think that a subway (underground rail system) is always preferable, considering our Winter weather, but the costs for it are much more. The LRT plan provides a cheaper alternative, but where will Ford get the money if he pushes for a subway alternative? Especially since he plans to cut other taxes? Cities should live within their own means, just as individuals should.

While Provincial & Federal governments should support large initiatives, especially insofar as public transit, which should help to reduce greenhouse gases, they should not be seen to be meddling in municipal policies and politics.

I think that the Federal Government should stay out of this one, and let Ford and his Councilors battle it out. On this note, I think that the Liberals, and their leader, M.I., should pick their battles wisely, and keep up an unrelenting attack on the Conservatives, and their ant-democratic modus-operandi.

Merry Christmas to you, your family, and the Liberal Party. May 2011 be your year! Ken

to make a city vibrant we need easy and cheaper means of communication where peoples meet each other whether for business/education/ the future prevents congestion like many cars in city road, less pollution/create more jobs/less accidents for young people who are hope of the future.


There are two ’voters’ in this household, and we both prefer subways to LRT, however, at this point in time, if it is going to cost millions to cancel contracts and stop the work that is currently in progress, we question if that is cost justified. When the final decision is made, these costs must be taken into account. Mary Richards.

I like to connect the Subway from Don Mills to Scarborough Towne Centre. I think the Federal Government should commit more funds to build a subway. This is a long term plan and it will relief the traffic on the road.


Well Jim, I think Rob Ford has made the right decision, it’s the main platform he was elected on by a large majority. I also think the Federal Government needs to step up and help Ford as he is now Mayor of the largest Canadian city and the economic engine of this great country.

The feds want Toronto to take a large number of newcomers to settle in this city, well subways in all the great capitals of the world are a great help to all citizens new and old, and building them will create a lot of employment because whatever Kenney or other Feds say, we are not out of the recession yet, not all Canadians believe all the B.S. we read and hear, all one has to do is open their eyes, after Christmas will tell whether all is well or not when stores and businesses start to close their doors for good, it’s happening already.

I also think the Provincial Government needs to support Ford.

This city is in need of Subways to relieve the traffic gridlock, I also think limiting streetcars and putting more buses on the road makes good sense, as they can go around traffic lock ups and keep moving.

We have a Mayor who is thinking of the city’s population, now and in the future.


Hi, I am strongly in favour continuing with the LRT.

On another topic, I am not supportive of the liberal position wrt continuing beyond 2011 in Afghanistan, and it has severly chaken my commitment for the Liberals. I understand the difficulties leaving, but keeping in mind that this war was never meant to deal with changing the culture of the people, we should be leaving. There is almost zero chance that we will be making any difference by 2014, and all we will be doing is supporting further corruption.


I don’t see much of an advantage and much more adverse effects in changing from the original LRT Plan to a new subway plan, especially at this stage when work on the LRT is well under way.

I feel work on the LRT should continue and the federal government should not fund the subway plan.


Regarding subject matter. Why is it that the Rulers of Toronto always cancel brillient ideas and we end up looking like a third class city. Why were the cities of London, Paris, Moscow and New York able to build their subway systems. All these cities ran into dept which over a periuod of time was finally payed off. I agreed with Mayor Ford when he spoke at our Retirement Home just prior to his election. He was firm in stating that the answer to the traffic problems of Toronto was to go Subways. The chaos that has been made to St Clair Ave West by the installation of the light rail system must never be repeated on Sheppard Ave East. Streetcars running down the middle of the roadway should have gone out when we got rid of the horse drawn buggies. I know that building Subways is more expensive than laying streetcar tracks. Maybe if we were to do away with some of the earth removal machinery and got the unemployed busy with Picks and Shovels like in the old days we would create jobs, and help to keep the costs down. Remember, Jim, each year, students are graduating and Daddy ends up buying them a car which helps to build up our traffic problems even worse than now. So now you know:i am for Subways " I hope next year is a good one for you.

Regards from Norman

First let me state that I’m a big supporter of Rob Ford but on this issue he is way off base for the following reasons:

The shovels are already in the ground and the potential cost to break the contracts will be astronomical and money wasted,

The cost of LRTs is only a fraction of what subways cost (in these economic times this is very important), LRT can be ready sooner than long drawn out subway construction,

Without incurring massive debt by Toronto financing subways without Federal and possibly Provincial money makes no sense.

Any monies committed by the Feds for LRT but not yet received would likely be withheld if we go down the subway route.

Subways are without doubt the best way to go in the long term but we need solutions now.


Thank you for your email. As one of the Toronto citizens, I definitely would like to express my point of view and reflect what is good for the city. Here below is your question & blue mark is my point.

If the contract does not go through in order to build the LRT, should the federal government commit more funds to build a subway? Yes, for a long run and it is worth to do so. Subway is the only rapid mass transportation to bring people from one destination to others destination, especially in a metropolis like Toronto. I been visited many countries and proved that only subway was the best traffic system among the others. For a short run, LRT has no doubt to save the budget BUT it will also create more problems afterward:

1] Generate more serious traffic jam in Sheppard Ave,;

2] Cost the tax-payers more money for the maintenance;

3] Weather factor (cold weather will affect the operation of LRT).

Should the work on LRT continue under the present circumstances?

As a tax-payer, I don’t want to see any pennies be wasted and this is my concept as same as Mayor Rob Ford. I don’t have any information about the present circumstances right now and it is hardly to make comment. As I mentioned above, for a long run and it is necessary to stop the LRT project and please do not continue to waste any money as Mr David Miller did. Expectedly both the City & the Provincial representatives would find the best soluation & workable way for the city of Toronto.

If possible, I would like to obtain more update inform & progress of this project.

Thank you.


Yes, fund more to build the subway.


I think that the Light Rail Transit was a mistake right from the beginning. I guess no one learned anything from the St.Clair fiasco, where gridlock on the street has risen, and stores have closed due to the lack of people going to St. Clair. No one will benefit from the Light Rail Transit. I don’t want Sheppard Ave. turned into another St. Clair Mess. I understand that money has already been spent, but I think that it should come out of Ex Mayor Miller’s pocket for the lousy job he has done on the Light Rail Transit situation, and for the appalling state that he left Toronto in. I truly think that he should be accountable for this city being run right down to the ground, (e.g.. road conditions).I am a supporter of the subway being underground, and that the politicians should stop wasting people’s hard earned tax dollars, and for once, all levels of government work together and try and figure out where the extra money will come from without raising taxes. PLEASE ENOUGH WITH THE TAX HIKES. YOU ARE MAKING PEOPLE LEAVE THE CITY FOR GREENER PASTURES OUTSIDE THE CITY. GUESS WHO LOSSES.

Once again I do not support the Light Rail Transit, but support the subway going under ground. Lets take a page out of Boston’s downtown underground project. It’s right their where everyone to see. Ask questions, do your homework, and stop constantly raising taxes for ridicules reasons.

Thank you


I think Toronto should have either subway or nothing. LRT introduce more traffic jam and problem. Even now the shortest subway in the world, Sheppard line, always have problem although it’s isolated underground.

I believe LRT will cause more problem as it runs on the ground, sharing the same way with cars, trucks, and pedestrian. NO WAY.

Also when introduce more different systems, management and maintains will become more complex. With current TTC, it will be another failure story.

Toronto has 4-5 months in winter. If I take public transportation, bus has no different with LRT, on the ground. I can’t stand outside more than 5 minutes if the temperature is minus. But subway will be different. I can run into the subway, and okay to wait for 10 minutes.

When the city has more convenience public transit, people will live close to it, and get rid of private car, and less car on the road. when people live closer, no road need to be expended as well. This is green way.

Thank you for your asking, really appreciate your consideration.


subway is good.



I appreciate being able to comment. Although I have a poor outlook on Mr. Ford’s abilities, I do agree with his recommendation to put more public transit underground. Kudos to him if he succeeds. Above ground transportation, in my view, is inherently congested and adding more LRTs to the surface routes is a zero-sum game: you have to remove other users from surface routes if you want to add dedicated routes for LRTs.

In my view it is far, far better to add new transit underground. Unfortunately, its also far more expensive -that’s the rub.

Mr. Ford should be allowed to convert the LRT funds to subway funds. Handling the wasted planning expenses will be Ford’s problem.

Ottawa should definitely pony up more funds; its not like T.O. GTA isn’t contributing the lion’s share of tax revenues to the government.

Should LRT work continue under the present circumstances? I can’t say, but I’d like to reiterate its better to have one new subway line built every ten years than a few above ground LRTs which will be more or less useless during rush hour. Everything below ground is NEW capacity, while adding routes above ground complicates existing transportation for all users.

Best regards,


Being a railway enthusiast I might be the wrong one to ask. When the ’Bloor-Danforth Subway’ was built, a lot of businesses went out of business as people who rode the Streetcars would see a shop that they would like to visit & would get off the streetcar & visit those shops. With the Subway, people pass under those shops, did not see them & did not stop to shop. I am sure that you remember that Danforth east of Broadview was like a ghost town after the Subway opened in 1966. Yes, the Subway provides a better trip over a long distance, especially in rain & snow! It would cost far too much to have the trains stop at more stations on the exisiting routes. The Sheppard Subway should be finished to Scarborough Town Centre, at least, as there are only 4 or 5 stations. Try riding that line & exit at each station, especially the one west of Leslie, Bessarion Stn., I think that is the station name, & see how far you have to carry groceries or anything in the rain to get to that station!! If we get rid of plastic bags & change back to paper bags, try to carry 3 or 4 in the rain to a bus, streetcar, or subway, with or without a shopping cart. 10 people with shopping carts on a bus in rush-hour??? Yeah, right! They are already sardine cans! Light-rail, (Streetcars included), take up a lot of space on the roads, but pollute less than diesel buses! I think that, when Cincinnati Ohio had streetcars, (We bought some 2nd hand from them), they solved the traffic proplems downtown by putting the tracks right beside the sidewalk!! No parked cars, but no delivery trucks in front of the stores, & no bike lanes, but should be better service to move people. We used to have Trolley Coaches, (Electric Buses), but I hear that no one is building them! Maybe! They are still in use elsewhere in the world. They also require overhead wires. 2 wires, one to carry the electricity to the bus & one to take it away. They use 600 volts DC & so do the Subway & the Streetcars. The LRT in Scarborough was forced onto Toronto by the Provincial Government. They were going to use the articulated streetcars, instead. The articulated cars look like 2 cars semi-permenantly coupled. They weigh about 40 tons empty, & the ordinary single cars are about 25 tons empty. No wonder the Police car got munched, big time. Those single cars all came with couplers to allow 2 or more cars to be coupled to make a train, but they would take up too much space on the road. They should only be successful on private right-of-way where no other vehicles or pedestrians can get in they way. Which means that the streetcar trains are not a good idea when they share the roads with others. The Scarborough LRT is a ’Linear-Induction’ system that has part of the motor in the train & part in the track. The System that uses the most electricity is ’Magnetic-Levitation’, or ’Mag-Lev’, then comes ’Linear-Induction’, then the Subway. I don’t know who is going to pay for that Subway idea! Mr. Ford! Ask him to drive south from Steeles to Kingston road on Markham Road, and see how long it takes. We need a north-south highway in the east-end. What idiots planned that bottle-neck on southbound 404 to Don Valley Parkway??? And they want to run TTC buses on it, in one lane?? Good Luck!! If a Subway is built in Scarborough, it would have to be the continuation of the Bloor-Danforth line to Scarborough Town Centre, & then to Markham Road, which would mean the scrapping of the Scarborough LRT line that is there now. At night, a Warden bus is about every 20 minutes, but lots on Finch.


The work has already started on the LRT.let it continue and build the Light Rapid Transit. Meiko

Actually, we don’t need LRT any more because it will make more traffic jam in the city. Subway is the better choice for us.

Yours sincerely Jon

As a constituent of Scarborough-Agincourt constituency, I think the work on LRT should continue under the present circumstances. Thank you for your email. Best regards Chun

Does light rail transit refer to subway construction?? I believe that the transit situation in Toronto can only be solved by subway construction. However, this construction is way behind.(25 years). . So is the entire transit development in Toronto. Subways are time consuming and expensive. We need a quick fix and if the trains (above ground) are the solution then we should go this way. Perhaps a well thought out mix would be the solution. Apparently, we need some solution for the Pan Am games??? In general, I believe that Toronto has become an ugly city. The green environmental areas are extremely few,small and the giant condos and office buildings are an affront to the skyline and an affront to the environmental cause. The developers have been allowed to take control. The federal government has to remember that Rob Ford is taking over from a generation of poor planning in regard to transit and development in our city. I grew up in a city where my mother could let me walk to school and to a library(9 blocks away) without fear. And she was an extremely cautious mother. In my neighbor hood, children are accompanied by adults to and from school. Adults are cautious in the evening and night when walking to transit. I am not certain what the answer is it. I don’t believe that the federal government should give up but I do believe they need a plan before committing taxpayer money.

Confused, Gail

Yes, I think the Federal Government should provide additional funds for subways.

In my personal opinion, although subways are more expense to build, they are more efficient in the long run.

People need to be able to move around this city, having to change from buses to LRT to Subway just add time to the commute....

I live at Warden and Sheppard and find it difficult to make the trip to Yonge and Sheppard in less than 45 minutes.....


Our new mayor campaigned on promises to cut costs.

I understand that much work has been done on the Transit City plans and, as you say,construction has already begun.I further understand that senior levels of government have promised funding.

The new mayor says throw this all away.That is his idea of cutting costs? I am furious but not surprised. It is typical of Conservative approaches to finance.

I hope that Mr. Ford finds that he doesn’t have the power to do this. Battles in Council are about to begin. They will never end while Mr.Ford sits in the mayor’s chair.

I didn’t vote for Mr.Ford. I suspect that those that did gave little thought to what they were doing.

Subways are enormously expensive.They are also largely out of touch with the communities they are passing through since they are deep underground with few outlets to the surface.Future subways may have more elevators - I hope they do - but they will never have enough to serve the ageing generations of which I am part.

Let’s see if Council can bring the mayor around to reason.


Although I did not vote for Mayor Ford, I agree completely with him that the Subway is a better solution for Toronto in the long run because:

1) For an aging population, walking above ground during winter will be dangerous, potentially causing unnecessary burden to the health care system.

2) The LRT will increase traffic congestion, which will eventually translate to lower productivity and the buck will turn slower. (Note: the subway provides an additional traffic channel, while the LRT would at best replaces an existing one)

3) If the city plays the card right, using this opportunity to develop properties (both commercial and residential) at and around the subway stations, the city can generate a lot of prosperity and hence wealth. Look at Japan, Hong Kong and London, just for starters.

Thanks for the opportunity to express my opinions.

Best regards,


If the contract does not go through in order to build the LRT, should the federal government commit more funds to build a subway?


Should the work on LRT continue under the present circumstances?

What about the alternative option? Before discussing the solution, please try to understand why Rob Ford opposes the Transit City plan. Is he completely against it or part of it? What about move LRT underground?

Thank you for asking public opinions


I am retired old man never been working in Canada, so I don’t have a clear idea about this subject, but still as our elder people where saying: A bird in the hand better than ten on a tree; Accordingly I sugust the work should continue, and when the contracters reach a point that they can’t continue the Federal Government sooner or later will be obliged and committed to give more support to finish the job.


My opinion is Federal government should commit more fund to build a subway. LRT is old fashioned, we need build a modern city in Toronto.



My strong opinion from the beginning is for the City of Marvellous Toronto to build a sky train system, similar to what Vancouver has. I don’t agree with a subway system, due to violence and suicides, and the LRT would creat absolute traffic chaos on Sheppard Avenue from Yonge to the east end.


I prefer subways to LRT. If they can do it before Panam games starts and if they convince Province to fund more I will support it.


If the contract does not go through in order to build the LRT, should the federal government commit more funds to build a subway? Absolutely. It should have all along! We’re supposed to be a world class city. Let’s plan long-term. Get it done!

Should the work on LRT continue under the present circumstances? No! Stop it now!


I have heard that LRT much environment friendly than subway, plus the subway would take too long to build, it could not fulfill the need of Pan Am Games. so I think the work on LRT should continue under the present circumstances.


LRT is not the best way to go so I support Ford Idea I want you to support for subway not for LRT.

Thanks for giving us a chance to hear our voice.


YES the Federal Government should commit more funds to build a subway.

NO the work on LRT should NOT continue. The LRT shoul NOT be built. Subways are the correct solution.


In my opinion, the LRT on Sheppard was a poor idea from the start.

We should wait for adequate funding of a subway, which is clearly the best long term solution.

If the Federal government has infrastructure funds available, the Sheppard subway would be a good option.



YES the Federal Government should commit more funds to build a subway.

NO the work on LRT should NOT continue. The LRT shoul NOT be built. Subways are the correct solution.


If the contract does not go through in order to build the LRT, should the federal government commit more funds to build a subway? Yes. Should the work on LRT continue under the present circumstances? Yes

Thanks, Jay

We are agree with Mayor Ford’s opinion. Subway is the best way in Toronto.


Thanks for your attention. I strongly support the idea of building subway. It defintely brings long term benefit and worth the cost. I strongly oppose building LRT. It is waste of money and bring very little improvement to transit and cause a lot of hassel to other traffics.

If we want to save money, just build a bus only lane like what are done at Missisauga and York Region. It will achieve the same effect as LRT but with less cost and less hassel to other traffic.

My answers to the questions are as follows:

If the contract does not go through in order to build the LRT, should the federal government commit more funds to build a subway? Yes, Canda should invest more on transit projects and it will bring multiple benefits to the future of the country.

Should the work on LRT continue under the present circumstances? No, as said above. It is waste of money. All other alternatives are better than LRT.

Actually, all of the people I have talked to have same opinion as me. Nobody like LRT.



I prefer subway because it doesn’t bother anyone , it goes faster and it won’t make my child sick. The subway is longer and it takes more people, less accidents can happen. Also the subway could go under tunnels and many people love tunnels. Regards


Rob Ford is correct. We should aim at building Subway (or underground LRT) even only one km at a time subject to funding. All 3 government levels should provide funding considering that Toronto is one of the machines that makes Canada’s economy going. Add more buses if need be but don’t build rails on road.


Efficient subway is the key to the success of a city. LRT is not meant for mass rapid transit. In order for City of Toronto to cater bigger population and still able to function and less stress for Torontonian, subway got to be extremely well connected and efficient. As the biggest city in Canada, Federal government should let a helping hand to Toronto for subway system.


The money already invested and available, and the severe penalties involved in scrapping above-ground LRT amounts to making mayor Ford’s statements unpalpable.

He is only ONE vote on council, and the province along with the federal gov’t are ’on board’ with the LRT program, as has been made pretty obvious up until now.

Ford’s ’announcement’ is typical of him. He has no foundation for what he has preached.

IMO additional subways for this city are far too expensive and take too long to build.

IF subways were the way to go the people who REALLY know what they’re talking about would have already said so.

It must be said that although mayor Ford was elected with a great %age of votes, there were just as many who did not vote for him.

As a matter of fact, the final results show that fully 34,000 more votes were against Ford than were for him.

Even the total of Smitherman and Pantalone were over 2000 votes more than Ford got, so Mr. Ford does NOT speak for the majority of Torontonians !!

I also take umbrage at the fact that unlike former mayor Miller, there are only right-leaning councillors on his executive team.

Mr. Millerat least had the common sense to ’include’ councillors who had opinions with which he may not agree, but then his executive team was NOT a bunch of ’yes-men and women’.

Ford is anti-’left’, as it were, and boy does it show.

Toronto is basically a Liberal town along with the NDP both provincially and federally and Ford was elected, IMO, because Mr. Smitherman, although a proven political and Liberal policy-maker at the highest level, was blamed for the E-health scandal, which is debatable, and the fact that he is openly gay, yes gay, a situation for many of the votes he did not get simply because he is gay and for no other reason.

Had Mr. Pantalone dropped out of the race with absolutely NO hope of victory, the story may have been different, but Mr. Ford probably would have won, but by a far lesser plurality than he did.

I am a staunch Liberal and Mr. Ford represents many things I am fully against, being a conservative hack that he obviously is.

Of course that makes my opinion of him to be negative to start with, but I cannot stand anything that is motivated by a ’conservative’ bent.

It can be dangerous for the taxpayers.

Ford’s ludicrous statement that he wants to have city property taxes to be frozen for 2011 is utterly nuts.

However, there is some background to his stance.

Almost NO people know how the property tax system works and Ford would be taking advantage of that.

Please let me explain.

This past at least two years, the city portion of my property taxes WENT DOWN under the formula that exists.

I also have friends in the same situation and although we live in condominium townhouse complexes, it is the value of our homes that determines how much property tax we pay.

The homes I refer to are valued in the $225K to $250K area.

That means that if our homes were worth a lot more, we would have a lesser decrease or an actual small increase.

That being said, homes that have GREAT value, no doubt owned by people of much more means than the likes of myself, actually bear the brunt of the full 3% city property tax increases for the most part.

THUS, the lower middle class who own homes such as ours or of the relative same value or less or even a sum more WILL NOT get the obvious tax relief again as we have the last two years, however small it was - about $70-$80 per year.

THUS, by freezing taxes for 2011, Rob Ford is catering a LOT to his ’conservative’ base, who tend to have most of the money(no kidding), as their taxes would not rise for their city portion.

This is WRONG and when Mel Lastman did the same thing FOR THREE YEARS, Toronto suffered greatly monetarily(and still does), as the lion’s share of the savings were for the well-off property taxpayers and Toronto, along with forced amalgamation by Mike Harris, has never been the same due to the INANE policies of ’(C)conservatives’.

Of course Lastman had been mayor of North York for well over 20 years, and the tax freeze saved HIS people, who were and are known to be well-off for the most part, a fair bit of money in property taxes that they could very well have afforded to pay to help to keep this great city ’in the black’.

I rest my case Jim.



I think Rob Ford’s debut as a mayor was not to good. Some money for LRT was already spent. If we break contract we will have to pay penalty. And is easier, cheaper and safer to build, use and maintain LRT than subway. What happened with subway going to York University promised 30 years ago? Nothing. This time may happen this same, we have to press our new mayor to build LRT, our federal government should force him as well, and punish. Make him pay from his paycheck for his lack of logic and accountability, not from our money. However I do not live in this area anymore but I work at Scarborough Town Centre, and use TTC everyday. Thank you for asking about my opinion. All the best,


If the contract does not go through in order to build the LRT, should the federal government commit more funds to build a subway? Yes

Should the work on LRT continue under the present circumstances? No


Thank-you for your concern with regard to this question. Where I live, the transit service is deplorable. It is now 2010 the world is getting warmer every year, we have no climate change agenda, except in cities and again the question is where should we spend our money on public transit. This money should have been spent years ago to improve this service but no let me pause, there was no money. Let’s see subways will take years to build and the light rail will take years to build but uh oh, we now have a government killing that plan and now were back to building subways. Look get your act together. This area of your representation has been under-serviced for decades. We have buses and nothing but buses, and by the way they cut this service again, but we did get a bus named the Rocket. It snails its way to the subway with overcrowded customers. So should we spend my money on a reliable service that is modern, on time and run like a Swiss bank. My opinion is yes. The war is not on cars or the environment it is on the people in this ward that have put up with politicians who muddle in the affairs of transit and whom never seem to get it, but let us suffer with inadequate service and overcrowded buses. Here is my opinion on this subject. Finish the Shepard subway and put a light rail on East Finch not just on West Finch the whole street and put one on Eglington that is underground to the Airport. Put a plan in place free of political interference and get it done. I want you to spend my money on bringing this system into the 21fst century with a long term plan that is carried out free of political brinkmanship. That’s the agenda I want you to carry forward in your interaction with our mayor of Toronto and with our Hon. Prime Minister Harper. Best Regards to the upcoming Holiday’s. Your ever faithful Constituent.


Yes. The Feds should commit more funds to build a subway.

No. The work on the LRT should not continue.

The S..

If the contract does not go through in order to build the LRT, should the federal government commit more funds to build a subway? NO.

Should the work on LRT continue under the present circumstances? YES.

Sincerely, Angus

I am very much in favour of building subways and believe that the Scarborough line is the most important one at the moment. In fact, this city needs to be encompassed with subway lines to reduce the traffic chaos we now have. I also feel that Finch Ave could use a subway line as well.

Subways are the most rapid and efficient method for transporting people in our ever growing city. Extending the Shepherd line will also make the existing very short line, that only goes to Don Mills Rd, that much more cost effective and productive.

Sincerely, Jack

1. Subway, not LRT. Let’s start thinking long-term.

2. Stop all current work and all three levels of government should provide funding to build subway.

3. Moving around Toronto is becoming impossible. Subways are the only true solution in our climate.



Unfortunately, there is no easy answer, as the decision will lay upon these unknown estimates/comparisons:

1 Cost

2. time -frame

3 environment impact

4 population forecast

I work for a Regional Municipality, with these major project heavily impact the area, public hearing will be conducted, we actually had at least 3 major hearing going on at the very first stage of the planning cycle for light rail project on yonge line... I may have missed the Light Rail hearing, let’s assume that was the best solution resulted from full assessment, then my question is, why do we wanna change just because of a new mayor? If that’s the only reason, the political system has some work to do, why he can topple the project which has been analysed and endorsed for years? I think this is his first step to blackmail feds and provincials for money as he wants to show he has the power to build his “dream” Toronto. His next step will be cut all the welfare and the charity engagements, then shutdown all the healthy initiatives like stuck marathon into high park and all the crazy stuff. Toronto then become a city of 1960s...


I like subway more than LRT. Subway is the best way to decrease traffic jam in Toronto. The weather in Toronto make the LRT can’t work longer and may cause quite a lot of problem.


for me, what has been started, lets finish it. much time, money and effort has been spent prior to starting this project. if this will be stopped, what a waste of resources.


My preference would be for local transit to only be subsidized by local levels of government. It doesn’t seem logical to me that Torontonians should expect their transit system to be subsidized either by people in Kingston (e.g. - elsewhere in Ontario, at the provincial level), or in Kamloops (e.g. - elsewhere in Canada, subsidizing federally).

If Toronto cannot afford to build LRT or subway, I do not see why anyone thinks it sensible for people from the rest of the province or country should pay for it.
—  Christopher

Thanks for asking Mr. Karygiannis. In my opinion, Rob Ford lives in a castle or he doesn’t know the federal politics yet. There is no way we can afford to build the subway, as well when will it ever be completed? So my opinion, let us continue to build the presently planned LRT.


I always support for Subway extension on Sheppard Avenue instead of LRT mainly for two reasons.

1) I drive through Sheppard Avenue to my work place.

I don’t want see another St.clair avenue situation in Sheppard Road.

2)And also I live closer to Huntingwood road. If LRT is implemented, there will be more traffic along this road

My opinion on your question is as follows

If the contract does not go through in order to build the LRT, should the federal government commit more funds to build a subway?

Yes, Federal government should commit more funds to build a subway.

Should the work on LRT continue under the present circumstances?

No, It should be stopped immediately