Canada helps Guyana rebuild

Wednesday 30th March 2005.

Canada helps Guyana rebuild

OTTAWA - The Honourable Jim Karygiannis, Member of Parliament for Scarborough-Agincourt and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport, on behalf of The Honourable Aileen Carroll, Minister of International Cooperation, announced today that Canada will provide over $2.7 million to carry out short-term recovery activities in response to the recent flooding in Guyana. The funds will be provided by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

“Canada is concerned about the people of Guyana and is committed to helping them rebuild their lives,” said Mr. Karygiannis. “This Canadian contribution will help organizations perform the activities involved in the urgently required recovery of Guyana.”

Presentation of Cheque - 41.4 kb
Presentation of Cheque
CIDA cheque presentation to Danny Doobay Honorary Consulate of Guyana Toronto

The initiatives include:

$1.87 million to the Drainage and Irrigation Board of the Government of Guyana to restore drainage and irrigation systems, to strengthen the East Coast Demerara dam, to restore outlets and pumps in the seawall, and to ensure the infrastructure system will be able to sustain the upcoming rainy season;

$362,000 to the United Nations Development Programme to monitor and surpervise this urgent work, ensuring financial and technical accountability; and,

Cheque Presentation - 44.2 kb
Cheque Presentation
Presenting Cheque to the Guyanese Community in Toronto following the announcemnet of CIDA Funding

$500,000 to the CHF (formerly Partners in Rural Development) to provide assistance to small-scale poultry producers to re-start their production, to improve nutritional standards in flood affected homes through the re-establishment of household vegetable gardens, and to help prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

In addition to today’s announcement, CIDA has provided $385,000 to help with Guyana’s emergency and reconstruction needs; $170,000 provided through the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives; $100,000 channelled through the Canadian Red Cross for the International Federation of the Red Cross; and, $100,000 provided to UNICEF.

Funding for these initiatives was provided for in the February 2005 budget and is therefore part of the existing fiscal framework.

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Contact: Margot Doey-Vick, Media Relations Office of the Hon. Jim Karygiannis, P.C., M.P. Scarborough-Agincourt (613)992-4501 or (416)321-2405

Backgrounder Canada helps Guyana rebuild


CAN$ 2.732 million for a period of up to seven months (until October 2005) from the signing of the arrangements. The breakdown is as follows:

a contribution of up to $1.87 million to an organization of the Government of Guyana, the Drainage and Irrigation Board (DIB), which falls under the jurisdiction of Guyana’s Ministry of Agriculture;

a grant of up to $362,000 to the UNDP; and,

a contribution up to a maximum of $500,000 to CHF.


A contribution in the amount of USD 1.55 million (approximately CAD 1,870,000) will be made to the Drainage and Irrigation Board (DIB), an organization under the jurisdiction of the Guyana Ministry of Agriculture,. The restoration of the major drainage systems falls directly under its mandate. USAID and DFID have indicated their support to restore the drainage and irrigation system in Guyana and will also be providing funds directly to the DIB.

A second contribution in the form of a grant will be made to UNDP for a maximum of USD 300,000 (CAN 362,000) to assist with the monitoring and supervision of the urgent works which is evaluated at USD 600,000. DFID will contribute half of the expenses of this monitoring/supervision initiative. It is judged that supporting monitors through a grant to the UNDP, is the best approach to ensure accountability of the funds and of the performance of activities. The UNDP in Guyana is very engaged with the government and the donor community.

A third contribution will be made to CHF, a Canadian NGO, up to a maximum of CAN 500,000 to administer their unsolicited proposal entitled "Disaster Recovery for Guyana". CHF is currently managing a CIDA project in Guyana entitled Building Community Capacity Project II (BCCP II). The proposed project will assist in rebuilding people’s lives on the ground by providing assistance to small-scale poultry producers to restart their production, supporting the re-establishment of kitchen gardens, and helping prevent the spread of communicable diseases. CHF has acquired a good understanding of the country and has gained a considerable knowledge of local NGOs in the affected area who are in a position to effectively carry out recovery activities in Guyana.


Drainage and irrigation: urgent repairs to restore the drainage system of the Conservancy, to strengthen the dam, to restore outlets and pumps in the seawall, to ensure that the infrastructure system will be able to sustain the upcoming rainy season.

Monitoring: effective and appropriate monitoring of the urgent works being performed to restore the drainage system to ensure financial and technical accountability.

Recovery through poultry: economic activities recommenced by small-scale poultry producers.

Recovery through kitchen gardens: nutritional standards improved in flood affected homes by September 2005 by re-establishing kitchen gardens.

Recovery through health and hygiene: the health status of residents in the flood affected communities enhanced.